Cheryl Cole & Britney Spears Possible Duet???

Cheryl Cole is the pop princess of England but has yet to make a big impact here in America.  Britney Spears holds that title.  Will i Am who manages Chery Cole  and friends with Britney, thinks a duet with Cheryl and Britney would be dynamite!

“Britney would be great with Cheyrl,” he said. “When I’m recording with Britney, I’ve four songs of Cheryl sitting there.” Will i Am is also trying to recruit Rihanna. “I told Rihanna there was this girl called Cheryl Cole and she is the pop princess of England,” he explained. “I was telling people in America they should collaborate. Hopefully it will happen soon.”

Cheryl Cole just released her new album ” A Million Lights”  and she was just beaten to the no.1 spot in the UK this weekend with her latest album by none other than Justin Bieber.  Damn that Bieber….lol  So what do you think? Would you like to hear Cheryl Cole and Britney sing a duet together?

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