Dad Freaks Out On Roller Coaster!

I hate roller coasters.  There I said it!  People call me weird for being scared by roller coasters, but I have EVERYTHING about them.  But after I watched this video of a dad and his daughter on a roller coaster, I don’t feel so bad!  This dad was nice enough to get on the ride with his daughter, however, his reaction to the ride is priceless!

Dads just should never get on roller coasters.  Or maybe they should, simply for our viewing pleasure.  This dad gets on the roller coaster with his daughter and freaks out once the ride starts moving.  The best part though is the fact he agrees to ride it a second time once they stop!

Buck And Coop
377979038879104.3216.843560228 Dad Freaks Out On Roller Coaster!


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