#TrendingOnThe10s: Lindsay Lohan 911 Call Released

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The 911 call from the day paramedics were sent to LINDSAY LOHAN’S hotel room for “exhaustion” has been released.  And it’s possible that Lindsay was more than just tired…

The guy who made the call was a male nurse who worked for the production company that’s making her movie.  He referred to the situation a Code 3 . . . which means it was possibly LIFE-THREATENING. This guy went to Lindsay’s hotel room to check on her and didn’t get a response.  But when paramedics showed up, they decided everything was OK.  Lindsay was not hospitalized.

Some people are speculating that just because he called the situation serious at the time doesn’t mean it actually WAS.  He may have overreacted. Buuuuut you can be the judge. Listen to the whole call HERE

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