Remembering Michael Jackson

This morning on my way to work I kept hearing Michael Jackson on the radio which I loved, but it seemed a little odd.   Then it dawned on me that today was the anniversary of his death, June 25th.  I’ll never forget the day Michael Jackson died. I was actually visiting Detroit from Chicago and had an interview that day at a radio station.  On my way to the interview I was listening to The Ticket and they were talking about the passing of Farah Fawcett and how she was everyone’s childhood crush.  I looked at my friend who was driving me and told him that Michael Jackson was my childhood crush.  When the news of his death came later that day, I was devastated.  It wasn’t a total shock  given his lifestyle choices, but as a big fan of his music it was pretty sad for me and still is.

Michael Jackson influenced all of today’s biggest stars in music.  From Usher, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, LMFAO and even Justin Bieber.   Michael Jackson set the bar high as the greatest performer who ever graced the stage, and in my opinion no one will ever compare.  In the 80’s when Michael Jackson dominated, his groundbreaking videos broke the MTV colour barrier, making way for black artists to be seen on a global level.  Then when he introduced the “moonwalk” the world went crazy!

Music becomes the soundtrack to our life and my childhood and Michael Jackson will forever be attached.  I was just a little shorty but old enough to know that what I was listening to and watching on TV was special.  We miss you Michael Jackson!!


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