Family Steals Cat From Local Pet Store!

I don’t get the nerve of some people.  A mom, dad and child all went to an Allen Park pet store the other day, not to just look at pets, but take one home.  The family did end up with a little kitten, but not by filling out the paper work and paying for it!  The family STOLE the kitten from the store.  Mom and dad distracted workers in the store while the kid stuck the kitten under their shirt, then the family walked right out the door!

Luckily for the pet store, this was ALL recorded on tape.  There is no way the family can deny it.  Now, they just need to identify the family!  According to, there is no information on the family, or what car they were driving.  They only know that they were parked right outside, and the workers didn’t notice anything until they all left.

I don’t get people!  I just don’t understand why someone would take the time to steal a cat when they could be doing SO much more with their life.  Law enforcement and people from the area are working hard to put names to the faces that were caught on camera.  You can actually watch the video from the cameras at

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