#TrendingOnThe10s: Kim Tells Oprah About Losing Virginity Before 15

No one has ever looked to give Kris Jenner a “Mom of the year” award. But maybe she is more supportive that we would think? OOOOOOOOOOOR maybe this will make you think she’s even crazier lol.

Kim talked with Oprah about her first serious boyfriend in an interview that aired this weekend. She ALSO talked about losing her virginity.  According to Kim, she talked with her mom ahead of time, and her mom helped her get on birth control and gave her advice.

Oprah grilled kim a little bit asking if she could disclose how old she was when she first had sex…Kim claimed that it was just before she turned 15. But then Kim went on to defend herself ¬†saying that her and her boyfriend were together for a long time before and after the losing of her virginity. Do you think this is cray cray?

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