#TrendingOnThe10s: Kanye FREAKS OUT On Another Fan

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US rapper Kanye West performs during the
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Sooooo stopping mid show and harassing fans seems to be a new trend with Kanye. Kanye West got tripped up during a show in Dublin, and had to start “All Of The Lights” over…

But it wasn’t HIS fault…because nothing ever is!!! LOL He was apparently distracted by a coin that a fan had thrown on the stage. He then stopped the show to FREAK OUT on the fan. He screamed at yelled, swearing at the guy for about 30 seconds….then he started the show back up…hahaha

This by the way, is the SECOND time that Kanye has done this recently. Dude…people spend a ton of money to come to your shows. A measly coin really threw you off that bad? I don’t know if I buy it…To check out his major freak out below:

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