Did The Detroit Tigers Cheat To Win?

Our Detroit Tigers have been struggling to win games recently, but when in Cincinnati, they ended up picking up their game a bit and actually won the series.  While they won Sunday night against the Reds, it doesn’t come without controversy!  At the end of the game, Tigers closer, Jose Valverde, is said to have CHEATED!  While I have watched the video, I am not 100% sure I believe he cheated!  See the video for yourself!

So, on Sunday night again the Reds, Jose Valverde took the mound to secure another Tigers victory.  Now, Jose has not been his usual self this year, so I guess he might be pretty desperate for a win.  After watching a slow-mo version of one of his pitches from Sunday, it looks as if Jose cheated!  Watch as it looks as if Jose spits into his glove!

For years, putting ANY unknown substances on a baseball before throwing it has been illegal!  The “spitball” has been around for ever, and while you might think it isn’t a big deal, it is!  Because the ball is thrown so fast, the spit on the ball will change how the balls moves to get to the plate.  It might move slower, or drop down more than it would without it.  But what do you think?  Did Jose cheat?

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