#TrendingOnThe10s: 50 Cent DISSES Oprah

Oprah did an interview with 50 Cent over this past weekend. They have finally reconciled! There were a lot of interesting moments during the interview, but it also got a little awkward at points…

The interview took place at 50’s grandma’s house. In the interview he talks about his close relationship with his grandmother. He even admits to painting her toenails for her! Well believe it or not, the painting of his grandmas toenails WASN’T the awkward part.

In case you weren’t aware, Oprah and 50 have some long, on-going BEEF stemming from Oprah’s dissing of hip-hop culture and rap lyrics some years ago.In fact, 50 even named his DOG after Oprah!!! Well, she decided to confront him about it during the interview lol. AWKWARD!! To see the rest of the interview CLICK HERE.

Buck And Coop
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