Paris Jackson Talks About Being Bullied….

Paris Jackson isn’t your typical teenager.  She’s the daughter of the late great Michael Jackson, and that alone creates challenges.  But she is going through what so many teenagers unfortunately are going through.  Paris Jackson has been bullied.

The King of Pop’s only daughter sat down with Oprah for an exclusive interview that aired Sunday night on “Oprah’s Next Chapter.”  Paris for the longest time was home schooled and now she attends a private school where girls there have tried to bully her.  Paris talks to Oprah about how it didn’t work.

As we know kids being bullied is a HUGE problem in our society.  If you are someone who is going through this I know it can be very difficult to talk about.  There are so many great websites and information out there that can help you, like  Hopefully Paris will inspire other’s to be just as brave.  Click here to see Paris talk about being bullied.


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