#TrendingOnthe10s: Biebers Stalker Girlfriend Song

We broke the news earlier this week that Justin Bieber is releasing a new fragrance aptly named Girlfriend.

It’s set to show up in Macy’s stores the week of June 18th. That just happens to be the same week that his new album “Believe” is out..good thinking Bieber team ;)  To promote his new fragrance, Justin’s holding a “sing-off” contest where he’s asking his adoring fans to submit a girlfriend version of his single “Boyfriend.”

Well…obviously most of them are so/so. BUT One girl’s submission is seriously hilarious!!! Instead of just changing out the word “boyfriend” for “girlfirend” in the song, she made her version the “psycho girlfriend” song. The song features her talking about stalking her guy, and never letting him go.  It’s creepy…which is also why it’s awesome lol Check out the whole thing here: STALKER GIRLFRIEND

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