#TrendingOnThe10s: Miss Michigan 2012 Partying HARD

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Our friend Miss Michigan 2012 Kristen Danyal came by the studio to visit us not too long before got cut after making the semi-finals in the Miss USA Pageant…which…WE THINK IS CRAP!!!

Anyways, the top story on TMZ is about her partying at club LAVO after the Miss USA Pageant —  According to TMZ Kristen “drowned her sorrows by hitting the bottle — HARD”…

As far as I know, the girls do have strict guidelines from the pageant to be on their best behavior BEFORE and DURING the pageant. However, once it’s over there are no rules. Girls are allowed to go out and do whatever they like! As they should! Kristen and a group of other beautiful contestants drank Ketel One straight from the bottle…which apparently is a big deal? lol

If you wanna see the pics, CLICK HERE.

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