#TrendingOnThe10s: Bieber Music Medical Cure?

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Whether you’re a Justin Bieber fan or not, this story is seriously amazing and heart touching. It’s no secret that girls around the world go crazy for Justin Bieber. However, This story is a about a girl who is a little different from most of his throngs of crazy girls.

Her name is Megan Ham and she is 11 years old and suffers from a very rare and serious neurological disorder. The devastating disorder prevents Megan from being able to speak, walk or show any emotion. For her entire life her parents were not able to see their daughter smile UNTIL…they became Beliebers too!!!

Apparently when Megan hears a Bieber song, or even when she hears his name, she smiles and kicks her feet! Something so tiny as this reaction is  HUGE deal to not only her family, but doctors alike. Her reaction totally defies science.

Justin has seemingly always had a huge heart. But this action is by far my favorite. When Justin heard about Megan Hams story, he sent her a tweet and promised he would come to visit her when he plays a show in her area this fall.

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