Hot Guy Of The Day

So instead of a regular PSA…I would like to serve my community of ladies by giving them a beautiful “HOT GUY OF THE DAY” every day! 🙂 I know…I’m so nice! lol Every day I will be scouring the internet for the VERY BEST men for you to feaSt your eyes on. Some days I’m into blondes and other days I’m feeling the tall, dark and handsome types…THAT’S why there’s a different guy every day!

Sometimes in the middle of a hard day of work, or after a break up…all you want to do it look at a hot guy…right? lol It can be the little pick-me-up that you really need. Especially if your boyfriend is being an idiot 😉

Today’s guy is Here ! His name is Brett Novek, he’s 6’0″ tall, weighs 165 is a Taurus and lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. According to Brett, the best compliment a woman can give him is “You always make me smile.” lol! AWWW!

Click the link for the pictures of Brett.

Buck And Coop
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