Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (06.01.12)

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If you missed Buck and Coop today, there is just SO much you missed!  First off, with it being Friday, Buck and Coop were super excited this morning.  First, Gillian is heading to L.A. to interview Katy Perry, so the guys wanted to help her out with interview questions.  They did a fantastic job giving her ideas. Our new friend, 82 year old Mildred Cooter called in to talk about this weekend’s movie box office.  Also, Buck and Coop announced the BOOTY CRUISE!  They even had a stripper come in studio to give Gillian a little surprise.  Check that out, and the rest of the show, by listening to the ENTIRE show podcast!


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Click here to download (Right-click on the link & select “Save-As”)


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Buck And Coop
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