#TrendingOnThe10s: Kathy Lee Giffords AWKWARD Moment!

Sometimes when I’m watching “The Today Show” Kathy Lee Gifford seriously makes me cringe…Maybe its all the wine her and Hoda indulge in? Well yesterday Martin Short did an interview with her on “The Today Show” and things got AWKWARD.

She asked him a series of questions which were totally fine. But then…she asked him about his wife. BUT she didn’t know that his wife died of cancer two years ago…She talked about what a great marriage they HAVE (in the present tense). He was super classy about  it on the air. He totally went along with it!

During a commercial break he told quietly informed Kathy about his wife’s death. When they came back she apologized on the air. Make sure you do your research next time Kath! Or skip that third glass….

Buck And Coop
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