#TrendingOnThe10s: J-Lo Cuts Off Caspers $10,000 Allowance

It looks like Jennifer Lopez’s much younger boyfriend CASPER SMART isn’t so smart after all. She reportedly gives him a $10,000 a week allowance…BUT NOT ANYMORE.

 We’re hearing that she cut off his $10,000-a-week allowance, because she started to  feel used by him. According to a source close to J-LO, he would come home with huge bags from Nordstrom (on her dime obviously) and never once got her a thing. He was starting to walk around acting arrogant and entitled and J-Lo had just had enough of it.

A source says, quote, “Everyone told her he was just using her for her money and connections, and now she’s ready to put it to the test. We’ll have to keep an eye on him to see what he does.”  Watch out Casper!

Buck And Coop
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