Phillip Phillips Sets New ‘Idol’ Record!

Phillip Phillips seemed to win everyone over this past season on American Idol, and the record he now holds is proof!  The record holder before Phillip was David Cook back in 2008.  I’m actually it took this long for someone to beat David for this record.  Check out what record he broke and how he did it!

According to Yahoo, Phillip Phillips already holds a record with his song “Home.”  The song “sold 278K digital copies in its first week, more than any other coronation song (an official single celebrating the winner’s victory) in American Idol history. The old record was held by David Cook’s “The Time Of My Life,” which sold 236K copies in its first week in 2008.”

The only other person that has a chart topper that huge with their first song after Idol is Kelly Clarkson.  “My Life Would Suck Without You,” which opened with sales of 280K in 2009.  Check out exactly why this song has been downloaded so many times:

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