#TrendingOnThe10s: Justin Bieber Fleeing The Country

Justin Bieber is a wanted man! And I don’t mean wanted by teenage girls, but by the police!

Apparently the authorities still want to talk to him about his alleged “beating the crap out  of a photographer” the other day. They want to question him about the incident to see what exactly went down. Even though they have a ton of witnesses, the cops still haven’t been able to solidify EXACTLY what happened.

Although the cops are looking for him to clear up the details of the scuffle….Justin’s in Norway! And he’s not planning on coming back to America any time soon! After Oslo, he plans to hitting 10 other spots out of the country including Paris and Mexico! We haven’t gotten word if Selena is with him, but the cops want to talk to her, too.  So if she hasn’t left, she’ll probably be getting a call.

ALSO…Justin released his new single…and oddly enough…it’s about dying lol….well kind of. Here’s Justin’s newest tune, “Die In Your Arms,” that dropped yesterday:)


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