Man Runs His Car Into Taco Bell…On Purpose!

I’ve heard people doing stupid things when they are mad, but this is taking a bit too far.  Michael Smith from Ohio was upset at Taco Bell so instead of just going in and getting the problem fixed, or even calling the consumer hotline, he decided it was the smart thing to run his car into the side of the building!  You won’t believe what Taco Bell did to get him upset.  Check out the whole story:

According to the Smoking Gun, Michael was at Taco Bell trying to get his grub on when he pulled away from the drive-thru and realized they messed up his order.  They didn’t spit in his food, or really even forget anything that expensive.  The forgot just ONE 99 cent taco!  YEAH! That’s all!  And according to the site, Michael admits it was on purpose!  Police officers note that he admitted to “intentionally striking the building after realizing he did not get one of the tacos he ordered.”

It’s one thing to be upset about an order, or even when someone ruins your food on purpose.  But did Michael go too far?

See his mugshot and read the rest of the article at

Buck And Coop
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