Are You Breaking The Law To Save Money?

No one WANTS to spend more money than they have to.  Everyone is usually attempting to find the best deal the possibly can get.  But according to a new study, more and more people are starting to break the law just to save some cash.  Do you know you’re breaking the law when saving money?

According to, more and more people are breaking the law to save a few extra bucks.  It’s not even like they don’t know they are breaking the law.  They know what they are doing, and they just don’t care!  According to the survey, 53% of people admit to swapping labels!  They take an expensive product and swap its label with one of a cheap product.  This is basically stealing!

47% of people said that they KNEW it was illegal and they will continue to do it anyways!  And 32% of people admit to lying to their friends when it comes to paying for things like dinner or lunch.  While it’s not illegal, its pretty upsetting people would do that to friends!  The real question is, do you knowingly do something illegal to save money?

Read more about the survey at

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