Who Would You Rather Get Beat Up By?

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Justin Bieber got in trouble over the weekend for beating up a photog.  We thought it was part of being a celebrity-1o1 that taught celebs not to hit people.  Obviously, Biebs just doesn’t listen to that.  After we thought about it for a while, we wondered how much someone could really be hurt by being hit by Justin Bieber.  I mean he isn’t very big, so I would assume it would be like being hit by a fly.  On that note, who would you rather get in a fight with: Justin Bieber, the boys from One Direction or the boys from The Wanted?

I guess the question is more not who you would WANT to be beat up by, but who would be LESS embarrassing?  I mean, I never want to get beat up by anybody, let alone someone from a boy band.  But I guess sometimes it is just unavoidable.  But if you were forced into a fight, who would you rather see squaring off against you?!

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