Brand New Promo For The Upcoming Season Of The X-Factor!

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Fox Television's "The X Factor" Season Finale -  Arrivals
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Even Simon Cowell doesn’t know what he got himself into by bringing Britney Spears and Demi Lovato on as judges for the next season of The X-Factor!  He says so himself during the newest 20 second promo for the up coming season.  While I do love the show, I think with Britney and Demi as new judges, we will have a brand new, but awesome, feel for this season!  Check it out for your self:

I love Britney and Demi both, but I am not sure what kind of judges they will be.  During the press conference, Britney actually was a bit stiff and frozen for a few seconds before she said how excited she was to be involved with the next season.  The real question is, are you excited for the upcoming season?

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