#TrendingOnThe10s: Snooki EVICTED From The Shore House!

Season 6 of “Jersey Shore” can’t stop making major changes to the show! First we found out that Mike “The Situation” is going to be sober this season. Now we JUST learned that Snooki will NOT be living with her fellow castmates this summer — instead she is getting her own private little place nearby.

Sources tell us … the pregz Snooki is taking her pregnancy very seriously, choosing to live NEAR the “Shore” house rather than IN it because it’s not necessarily responsible to be surrounded by drunk, loud roommates while pregnant.

If you recall, Snooki announced her pregnancy last February — when she was already 3 months along — which means she’s probably around 7 months along at this point. So during filming this summer, she’ll be ready to pop pretty much any time… all the more reason to have a quiet place to relax.
I wonder if Snookis baby will live in the shore house?! LOLZ

Buck And Coop
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