#TrendingOnThe10s: Howard Stern Makes 7yr Old Rapper Cry!

So, let’s see. It took Howard Stern until the third episode to make a little kid cry. Which has people saying, “what took so long Howard?!”. The sweet little rapper named Mir Money was buzzed by both Howard and Sharon before stopping his cute little lyrical performance.

After Mir Money stopped, Howard began to give his critique. He was about a sentence in when  the tears started to flow. Realizing he had crushed this poor little boy, Howard hopped on stage to give the kid a hug and console him.

In the end, they didn’t put Mir Money through. Howard did however change his “no-go” to a “pass” in the end…mostly out of guilt I’m assuming. The other judges decided not to pass Mir Money because they didn;t want to prolong the torture for the poor little kid who probably needs a little more practice before he gets out on a national stage. But, it was definitely a touching moment for the shock jock. He talked about the incident afterward saying how he regretted it and just felt terrible.  

Nick Cannon actually gave the kid a pep talk as well.  I honestly have to fault the producers more than anything.  They should’ve seen that kid was never going to advance in the show not have put him on the stage

  • http://www.sprichie.com/arts-entertainment/video-howard-stern-makes-7-year-old-cry-on-agt/ Video: Howard Stern Makes 7-Year-Old Cry on AGT

    […] #TrendingOnThe10s: Howard Stern Makes 7yr Old Rapper Cry! […]

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