#TrendingOnThe10s: Rob Pattinson is MAD!

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(Photo credit should read GERARD JULIEN/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit should read GERARD JULIEN/AFP/Getty Images)

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Robert Pattinson did a photo shoot for a French magazine recently. No big deal right? Well apparently he stormed out before they were done shooting!

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Photo Courtesy of PopSugar.com

The pictures that were printed weren’t over the top BUT according to Rob the shoot got a little out of control. He was really getting into it, groping around with a blonde model…while both of them were topless.

A source who was there tells us that the girl snaked all over his body and even pressed her boobs against him, but you could see he was uncomfortable with it…

What pushed Rob over the edge? When photographer instructed the model to lick Rob’s nipples!LOL The nip lick enraged him!! After that, he STORMED OUT! I WONDER WHAT KRISTIN STEWART WOULD THINK OF ALL THIS???

See more pics at PopSugar.com

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