#TrendingOnThe10s: Howard Sterns ‘America’s Got Talent’ Debut

So some people were outraged, and some were ecstatic…but either way Howard Stern is the newest judge on ‘Americas Got Talent’ and he made his debut last night.

On last nights show, Stern surprised people! At one point he was surprisingly warm. He climbed onstage at one point to dance with Simply Sergio. The singer was having a wobbly audition and was redeemed by an impromptu version of “God Bless America.”

But in true Howard fashion…he was also at times brutal. When one…’untalented’ contestant reported this his parents had passed away, Stern said: “Did they die of embarrassment?” Not everyone found that joke hilarious obviously.

Viewers seem to believe that NBC had succeeded in reinvigorating the show.

Buck And Coop
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