Can You Determine When She’s ‘In The Mood?’

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Many times, I end up getting my self all worked up to get some “alone time” with my girl but I find out that she isn’t at all.  I’ve always told her that I wish she would tell me exactly when she is in the mood, but she refuses to tell me.  According to scientists, they have perfected the art of being able to predict exactly when she will be in the mood!

According to The Huffington Post, women are most likely “in the mood” at exactly 11PM on a Saturday night.  That’s according to the survey.  They also said,

“Women from Scotland and the South West are most sexually satisfied (82%), closely followed by the North West (81%), with the majority stating that their sexiest time was on a Saturday night after they’ve let their hair down.”

I usually just put this on:

Read more about when your woman is in the mood at 

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