TIME Magazine SHOCKS The World!

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Photo Courtesy of TIME

Photo Courtesy of TIME

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TIME Magazine has been one of the most world renowned magazine for years.  Politicians and celebrities a like have dreamed of gracing the cover.  But the most recent cover has grabbed the world my the neck.  I guess as their mother’s day issue, it features a woman breast feeding her child, however, the child seems to be 6 or 7 years old.  The issue of mothering might be an interesting topic, but many people cannot get passed the cover.  Can you?

For years, people have put up a fight over women being able to breast feed out and open in the public.  Now, people won’t be able to get away from this magazine cover.  I don’t think the age of the child even has anything to do with it.  I think people were not ready for a breast feeding woman on the cover of their “classy” magazine.  What do you think?  Tell us at on Facebook by clicking HERE, and listen to us talk about the issue at 7:48 tomorrow morning on 98.7 AMP Radio!

 TIME Magazine SHOCKS The World!

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