#TrendingOnThe10s: “Lost” Star MATTHEW FOX Was Arrested For DUI

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(Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images for IWC)

(Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images for IWC)

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“Lost” star MATTHEW FOX was arrested for a DUI. He was reportedly on his way to a fast food restaurant when he was pulled over at around 3:30am on Friday.

In case you forgot…this is actually Fox’s second alcohol-related incident in less than a year. Last August, he was arrested for allegedly getting into a PHYSICAL altercation with a female bus driver on of those private party buses.

The problem arose because Fox wasn’t part of the party…buuuuut he was drunk, and he wanted to join in on it!  When the bus driver tried to stop him and get him off the bus, he supposedly attacked her.

So he has a little bit of a history.

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