Amanda Bynes Is In Trouble Again!

A few weeks ago, child star Amanda Bynes was in trouble for a suspected DUI.  While he father came out and said she was not under the influence at all, there was speculation of a cover up.  There’s no denying this one!  Amanda is in trouble once again for a car accident, and she didn’t even know it!

Amanda got in trouble over the weekend for another car accident, and she didn’t even get a citation for it!  According to USA Today, she was trying to pass a car when she side swiped her Range Rover against the other car.  When she got pulled over, she said she didn’t even know what happened!  Ya! Good excuse for a hit n run!

“She wasn’t given a citation, no one was arrested, no one was hurt. She didn’t even know she was involved in an accident. We took a traffic collision report and there will be no further investigation,” said an official for the LA police department.


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