So Apparently The Five Second Rule Is True. Kind Of…

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So turns out the Five Second Rule is actually scientifically proven.  Kind of.  If you don’t know the five second rule, basically it says that if you drop food on the floor you have five seconds to pick it up where it can still be eaten.  Well researchers actually just found out that it’s partially true, at least for junk food.  Foods with high salt or sugar levels in them actually pick up LESS bacteria than healthy foods like vegetables or lean chicken.  So in other words, eat chips like a pig but don’t drop the broccoli!  Either way, looks like you’re gonna get at least a little E. Coli.  mmm.  Check out the full story here.   I’m not going to act like I’ve never done it, but it’s definitely not a habit.  What do you think?  Do you follow the five second rule?

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