Four Grooming Habits That Men Hate

It’s a lot harder to be a woman than it is to be a man.  Men are expected to be a little rugged, rough on the edges.  As a man, you really don’t have to spend anywhere as much time as women do to get ready.  Because of that, men often don’t appreciate the things that women have to do.  However, with that said, there are actually some things that turn men off.  If you’re going to spend time primping yourself, you might as well spend it doing something your date will notice AND appreciate!  With that said, here’s four things that you may be wasting your time on:

  1. Using Self Tanner.  – If you’ve ever seen this in action, you know why it shouldn’t be in your repertoire.  Overtanning in general is a no (don’t be like this crazy woman), and you definitely don’t want an unnatural orange color!  2012 is NOT the year of the Oompa Loompa
  2. Too Much Hairspray – Hey, do you.  Just remember that crunch isn’t cool.\
  3. Tweezing Your Eyebrows – I’m definitely not saying tha you shouldn’t do this.  By all means, maintain!  Take the hedge trimmers to that unibrow!  Just don’t go to town and overdo it then draw them back on.  That really just looks cheap, plus there’s a chance that I’ll lick my finger and rub it across there, which’ll just ruin your whole weekend…
  4. Too Much Lip Gloss – This one’s kind of subjective.  I like lipgloss.  It’s hot.  But once again, we need to use judgment.  Just like grandma said, less is more.  YOU are supposed to wear it, not me!  I can think of TONS of ways I’d rather be reminded of you than a leftover kiwi strawberry shine…

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