If You Dump Your Significant Other, You’ll Lose Eight Friends

Well the concept isn’t a surprise, but the actual numbers kind of are.  According to a new study by healbee.com, the average person loses eight friends in a breakup.  That’s three of your exes friends, three mutual friends, and TWO OF YOUR FRIENDS!  What the heck?  So if I date a girl I can expect two of my homeboys to jump ship to her team?  What is the world coming to?  The kicker though?  That’s not even including the friend you were dating.  I mean, I know you guys said you were gonna stay friends, but what’s the chance of that after she finds out you uploaded all you guys’ PRIVATE videos to myexgirlfriendisafreak.com?  What do you think?  On average, how many friends do you lose to a breakup each time?  Vote below!

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