Do The Wanted Have an Attitude Problem?

Well, for the second time in the last week or so British pop sensations The Wanted have made headlines for lashing out at their American counterparts.  First, when they were asked why they didn’t give Christina Aguilera a hug on American Idol, Tom Parker referred to Christina as a “total bitch.” Now, the latest is a story surfacing about the band and Britney Spears.  Apparently Britney invited The Wanted to open up for her at her Manchester date last November.  According to the band, they were hanging out in a hallway when Britney and her bouncers came through and MADE THEM FACE THE WALL until Britney walked by.  Now if this really happened, then Britney has a problem.  I mean come on.  You’re Britney Spears.  It’s 2012.  Noone cares.  You’ve had two kids.  We all know you don’t look anywhere NEAR what you did back in 2000.  I don’t really believe it though.  First you call X-Tina the B-word, then days later you’re comin’ at Britney Spears?  These are two Platinum recording artists that have been to multiple Grammy awards and put in work.  Who in the hell are The Wanted?  I think that these guys are takin their newfound fame straight to the head.  They need to take that back across the pond.  What do you think?  Are The Wanted letting their fame get to their head, or are the Christina and Britney stories true?  Be sure to vote, and check out the Christina story here and the Britney story here.


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