Puppy’s Run In With A Cactus!

Why do little puppies have to be gosh darn cute?  And because puppies are so cute, I never get any work done.  We were trying to do a radio show today, and I ran into this video of a cute little puppy.  And I feel so bad for him because he had a run in with a cactus!

See if you can watch this without tearing up.  I saw this and immediately felt a need to share this with you.

  • http://www.pet-wallpaper.com/2012/04/cute-husky-puppies.html Cute Husky Puppies - dog Picture - Cute and Funny Pet Wallpaper

    […] Price says she hasn't set a wedding date with Leandro Penna. – 3am & Mirror OnlinePuppy’s Run In With A Cactus! // swfobject.registerObject("wpFollowmeFlash", "9.0.0"); .getflash { font-size:8px; } […]

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