Wiz Khalifa Gets Whacked for Weed… Did He Go to Jail?

Looks like Wiz got popped again!  Last week Mr. Young, Wild and Free was staying at a Holiday Inn in Nashville when some neighbors called the cops after they smelled weed.  Word is, Wiz tried to ditch the joint out the window but the cops found it.  He WASN’T arrested, however he was given a citation that he’ll have to handle at some point.  Funny thing, last week cops raided Rick Ross’ Yacht and they also threw the weed out, but they were NOT cited.  Maybe because they couldn’t find it in the water.  So the moral of the story?  Wiz has WAY too much money to be staying at Holiday Inn.  Or maybe it’s don’t smoke weed without a lake nearby?  I’m not 100% sure…


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