Would You Breakup With Your BF/GF in Exchange For a New iPad?

Apparently there’s a 1 in 33 chance that my relationship could be torn apart by Apple.  Which is pretty good comparatively, since there’s about a 1 in 3 chance that I’ll tear it apart myself by saying something stupid.  According to a new poll by Sky.com, 11% of single men would dump their current girlfriend for an iPad.  Now ladies, before you go and jump all over the guys, men weren’t the only ones who wanted to trade in!  According to the survey, 4% of women would trade their boyfriend for an iPad!  I know, it seems shallow, and there are a LOT of  things an iPad will never be able to do.  But think, just for a minute.  An iPad never sasses back.  An iPad doesn’t accuse you of not loving it as much as it loves you.  And most importantly?  An iPad will never cry.  Ever.  Not even if you leave it at home to go hang out with your boys every weekend for a month straight.  And that?  THAT is REAL love.


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