Wiz Khalifa Talks About His Fiancée’s ‘Big Booty’

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Early this morning, Wiz Khalifa called into Buck and Coop to talk about his new music, “Work Hard Play Hard,” and what else is in store for Wiz.  Funny thing is, while he called in to talk music, Buck and Coop took a different spin on the interview.  They asked Wiz about his fiancée, and talked about her “big booty.”

“Work Hard Play Hard” is the newest tune from Wiz Khalifa, and is a killer new song.  We talked to Wiz about that along with the tune he worked on with Maroon 5 called “Payphone.”  Even though Buck and Coop talked about that with Wiz, the conversation quickly turned to Wiz’s Fiancée’s big ole booty!

Buck And Coop 
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