Who Is The Butt Groove Bandit at Amp Radio?

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I’m sorry.  I have this issue.  I notice EVERYTHING, and once it’s on my mind, it’s going out in the open.  I’m just kidding.  I’m not sorry, I enjoy it!  Anyhow, when I got to the Amp studio today I went to sit down but stopped short.   You see, I can tell I’m not going to fit in that chair properly.  The issue here, as you can plainly see, SOMEONE left a butt groove in the chair.  Yes, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!  The question is, whose butt does this groove belong to?!  Butt Groove etiquette clearly states that one should erase their butt groove immediately after their posterior leaves said grooved material for any semi permanent length of time.  With that on the table, it’s obvious that this is a clear violation of the rules that should be immediately addressed with temporary banishment to a hot dark place (that little room behind the studio.)  The question??  WHO IS THE CULPRIT?  Who do you think the Butt Groove Bandit is?  Be sure to vote below!


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