#TrendingOnThe10s: Kim & Kanye Take It To The Next Level

So…Kimye really took their relationship to the next level…Kim introduced her new bf to the WHOLE family.

The Kadashians all met up for some dinner in New York. On their way out, I’ll give you one guess who was waiting for them…YEP!!! A brood of paparazzi!


Before he met the parents, Kanye and Kim had a little slumber party!

According to a source Kanye made sure that this weekend would be one he and his new gf would never forget. They apparently had a late night date that ended with the two of them sneaking back to his place at 3 in the morning!

Hmm….I wonder what they did!? Hehehehe

If they are happy together, then I’m happy for them. But I just pray that it’s not all for show and they are not playing us for fools! Obviously, the pair are aware the media storm they are conjuring up…and neither of them care…(both being attention lovers and all)

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