Stiletto Nails, In Or Out?

A while ago duck feet nails seemed to take over the acrylic nail world. Now that it’s fading out the newest manicure trend seems to be stiletto nails. Celebrities like Rihanna, Fergie, Lady Gaga, and Demi Lovato are rocking the spiked-tipped nails. Stiletto nails are a one of a kind edgy looks. Some of the shorter styles are cute while the longer, more dramatic styles look like vampire teeth! We can’t decide if we love them or hate them yet.

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We can’t deny that the look is sweeping across nail salons everywhere. If you love the look, here are some easy steps to do it yourself at home! (f.y.i: you need long nails to do it yourself):

Step 1: Start with square, medium-to-long nail, then find the center point of the nail. You might want to draw a little dot with a maker for reference.

Step 2: Begin by filing both sides of your nail with a soft file like toward the center of the nail, as if you were creating a triangle.

Step 3: Smooth the edges, then soften any corners so both sides are even before painting.


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