I Believe In This Curse and so Should YOU!

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Wild Card Playoffs - Detroit Lions v New Orleans Saints

Madden is easily the biggest video game ever and the game has always had different football players on the cover and now a days they actually let us vote for which player we want on the cover… The voting has been going on the last couple months and its down to 2 people. Calvin Johnson of our Detroit Lions and Cam Newton. I am a die hard Lions fan and that is why I am rooting hard for Cam Newton. You see the cover of madden is cursed. Until 2011 every player on the cover of the video game was injured for the season that they were pictured on the cover of the game. In 2012 the guy on the cover was injured… I believe in this curse and that is why Calvin Johnson CAN NOT BE ON THE COVER OF MADDEN.  Click Here and vote for Cam Newton.

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