Would You Do This For A Red Wings Stanley Cup?

Many pro athletes are superstitious.  Through the season, many players do things before each game that they think helps them win.  Hockey players are just as superstitious as other athletes.  Many wear the same clothes during a winning streak.  And during the playoffs, hockey players have the “playoff beard.”  And many fans think growing their own playoff beard helps their team win as well.  But how can women join in to help the Detroit Red Wings?

playoffhair1 Would You Do This For A Red Wings Stanley Cup?Women can’t grow playoff beards, so the new thing in Detroit for women to get involved with their Red Wings is “playoff leg hair.”  Women all around the D have stopped shaving their leg hair in hopes it brings their Red Wings good luck. Just like the idea of a playoff beard, there will be NO SHAVING until their team either wins the Stanley Cup, or is out of the playoffs.  If it means good luck for your Red Wings, and a Stanley Cup victory, will you stop shaving your legs?

Buck And Coop 
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