Panorama For The iPhone Made Easy!

When you think Panorama, you may think wide angle.  But the two are completely different.  While I don’t use my iPhone for many photos, I did want to start taking photos of places I have been as a little reminder.  I was tired of seeing the same old small photos over and over again.  They would only cover so much area, then they would cut off all the good stuff.  That’s why I downloaded this cool new app!

AutoStitch Panorama is a really nice app for the iPhone that will stitch together multiple shots of something and make a Panorama shot.  But before I downloaded it, I needed to find a good review on the app, and make sure it was for me.  It’s the best $1.99 I have spent in a while!

Buck Head Show <– Fo real You should CLICK THAT!
469623315458.6374.683506206 Panorama For The iPhone Made Easy!



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