5 Things I Would Do If I Won the Mega Millions

I have thought about it and these are the first 5 things I would do if I won the Mega Millions tonight, I am not going to lie… If I win this will be that last time you hear me talk on 98.7 amp radio lol JK

5. I would buy every radio station in Detroit EXCEPT 98.7 Amp Radio and turn them all off so you would have to listen to me

4. I would buy a huge house because I really need to get out of my moms basement…

3. I would give a million or 2 to a couple of my boys

2. I would have a hot girlfriend 😉 I am a half a billionaire which girl wouldn’t want me lol

1. I would buy a club in Canada because every time I go to Canada I have so much fun, shout out to Voodoo Night Club!


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