Would You Wash Your Hair With This?

Attention beer lovers: you can now wash your hair with your favorite beverage! Duffy’s Brew Beer shampoo and conditioner is actually extremley nourishing for your hair and scalp! The product is 100% vegan friendly phthalate – free, contains healing botanical extracts, and has NO artificial colors. Oh and the best part – it is made with REAL beer (no, we do not recommend drinking it)! This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of beer being great for your hair, in the past various beauty magazines have stated beer has a ton of benefits while adding shine and volume. Now Duffy’s product is making it possible with out having to crack open an actual can! So would you consider adding booze to your beauty products?


One Comment

  1. Stacey says:

    but does it smell like beer?

    1. jojo says:

      I’m sure it has a slight beer scent… although some reviews say it is the best smelling shampoo ever!

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