What Celebrity Do You Look Like?

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When a lot of people meet me, they tend to tell me I look like someone they know.  Sometimes they even say that I look like someone famous.  While I wouldn’t go that far, I believe everyone has an evil twin out there.  And usually, or even twin is a celebrity.  What celebrity do you look like?  Tell me who I look like, and I will do the same for you!

I checked out Picadilo.com, and they have this thing where you can upload a picture, and it will tell you celebrities that you look like.  After using it, it told me that I looked like Alec Baldwin!

141201714 What Celebrity Do You Look Like?I’m not 100% sure if I agree with the whole Alec Baldwin thing.  Maybe a very young Alec, when he was in Beetlejuice.  So here’s the deal, I want you to tell me what celebrity YOU think I look like, then I will do the same for you!

Buck Head Show <– Fo real You should CLICK THAT!
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