Are You A Pinterest Pro?

I didn’t think I would be as interested in Pinterest as I currently have become.  And not only am I having fun on there, but I think it’s mainly because I feel very comfortable with the layout of the site.

Many people were a bit confused with the layout of Pinterest when they first signed into the social media website.  And while I was a little confused at first, after I really sat down and looked at the basics, I become a Pinterest Pro!

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  • Ali

    Pinterest is great! I like it because it is totally different than any of the other social media sites. It is really neat to see some of the different things that people are interested in.

    It can be utilized for many different things. There are a lot of great recipe, fashion, and craft ideas. I have a lot of friends that are teachers and they post a lot of different ideas to use in the classroom.

    I am looking forward to see what companies and organizations come out using it most effectively.

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