Ryan Seacrest Wears The Dictator’s Ashes

This may be THE MOMENT of the night from The 2012 Oscars. I can’t even tell you WHAT happens but it happens to a guy who couldn’t deserve it more.. LMAO

cohen e1330307752451 Ryan Seacrest Wears The Dictators Ashes

Click & Watch this!

The red carpet got a little interesting on Oscar night when Ryan Seacrest was interviewing Sascha Baron Cohen in full “Dictator” character. What are you wearing takes on a whole other meaning.. The answer is Kim Jong Il’s ashes.

This worked, by the way, because I’m totally over Ryan Seacrest and couldn’t care less about Borat’s new movie. But, after watching this thing go down I actually think I might want to see “The Dictator.” Plus, Ryan handled the whole thing so well, I’ll give him credit.

But, who knows if this little thing was staged or not. Did Ryan really know what was about to happen? Afterall, we’re talking about the guy who gave us the Kardashian’s. Everything on that show is 100% real, right?


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